Happy Easter! Let’s Healthy Family Gatherings!

Dear Readers,

There was a good article in today’s Denver Post about the do’s and don’t of having a family Easter gathering.  I wanted to make a quick post about family events in general.  In the upcoming months, I’ll be posting several suggestions about our family events can become more fun and bring us closer.

I hope everyone is planning a nice Easter and/spring weekend.  It’s always nice to begin the summer with friends and family.  As parents let’s take some time to recall our fondest childhood memories of family interactions and events and do our best to now provide them for our children.

As far as getting a large group of family members together, my father always said, “Never discuss Politics or Religion”.  Even though my family that liked to debate, we did our best to keep things civil.

My father’s rule applied to social events and I think it’s a good thing to remember during our family events.  Discussing controversial topics among close family/friends is one thing (assuming each individual can do so respectfully)…doing so in a bigger social situation is another.  I was at an event on Monday were a few individual seems to insist on bringing up controversial topics whenever they had a chance.  The group was big enough that I started to wonder if this was an appropriate place for such discussions.  I noticed several individual walk away from the group as these two started another topic, and came to believe that they were making the group as a whole uncomfortable.   I found the behavior that these two were engaged in to be highly provocative and disrespectful to the group, and to the hosts.

I’d like to remind my clients and readers about my father’s advice.   Let’s respect differences by being careful and caring.  Let’s have boundaries that are healthy and respectful.  To read more about boundaries, please go here:  William Strong LCSW Denver Therapist on Boundaries.

I think with some planning and effort, our group events can be fun for us all.  That’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

William Strong

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