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Two weeks ago I wrote a blog about using background checks in the parenting of our children.  Go here to read that blog.

I received many emails about this topic.  One common question asked my opinion on the “who and when” of background checks.  As stated in my previous blog, background checks in the State of Colorado through the CBI site (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) can be done for $6.95.  So the expense is minimal.  Go here for the CBI site.  I posted an example of a clean CBI background check so readers can see what one looks like.

I also mentioned that you can use a private company to do a more detailed search as the CBI site only provides information re arrests and convictions.   One company I suggested allows  you to do multiple searches should you have more than one person you want to check out.   Checkmate charges more, but provides a more comprehensive check for your money.  Go here to look at Checkmate’s prices.

Back to the question, the who and when of a search?  Because Google is so limited in the area of accuracy, there are times we need to know the truth about a person.  As a parent, it’s my perspective that a background check is a reasonable thing to do on any person who may have the opportunity to be alone with my child (or who may have the opportunity to develop a “trusting” relationship with a child).  Again, you can be confident that employees of schools, daycare etc have run checks.  But do they do so on an ongoing basis, or just upon the time of employment.  Call and ask! Coaches, tutors, music teachers and the like?  Ask the organization who employs them about their background check policy.  If they work for themselves…do one yourself! It’s simple, easy and gives you peace of mind.

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