Background Checks Can Prevent Future Problems

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I’ve recently been involved as a therapist in helping child who was hurt by an adult.  It’s possible that this situation could have been prevented through the use of a background check.  I’m asking my clients and readers to become aware of when a background check is a good idea, and how to run one.  It’s easy and inexpensive.

Many of us use Google to find out information about a person, company or event.  Some of the information is helpful, and some of it is very questionable.  It’s true that you don’t want to believe everything you read on the Internet.  Whether it’s a restaurant using a customer review format to “stack” positive results about their food, or a person with an axe to grind about their former doctor (relator, lawyer, ex), people and companies can use consumer reviews, micro-sites and anonymous blogs to post anything they want without truthfulness or accuracy being a factor.  In fact, Google is open that their policy is that “truth and accuracy” isn’t a consideration in their listings.  It’s prudent to search for information about individuals and companies, but be skeptical about what you read online as it’s easy to make an anonymous post or review without being honest.  What kind of person uses an anonymous blog to write negative comments about a company or person?  If it sounds overly fantastic, outrageously awful, or flat out crazy, it’s likely a lie.

Background checks on the other hand are another thing entirely as their accuracy can be considered solid.  They are factual.   If you have children that you’re leaving in the care of someone else, it makes sense to insure that a background check has been completed.  Most schools and day-care facilities do this as a condition of employment.  You’ll want to ask at enrollment if complete background checks are done at the time of employment and periodically for all the personnel in contact with the population.

If you’re using an unlicensed day-care or some other adult to watch your children, doing your own background check is a fairly simple and inexpensive process.  Again a Google search might provide helpful information, or you might read some positive review that was written by the daycare’s owner, or an attack by an angry parent who’s child was expelled for behavior problems.  One option is to go to your state’s site for a records check.  Here in Colorado we go here for background checks.   For $6.95 you can do a records check on any individual.  It’s quick and reliable.  You’ll quickly find out about any convictions, arrests, or DUI’s etc.

In order to post a sample of a clean record check, I ran my own name.  Below is what a clean record looks like.


A result with arrests or convictions would site each incident with a case number.  A clean record is what you’re looking for if you’re going to trust your child in the care of another adult.

More detailed information can be done by using private companies for your search.  As you might guess, doing so is more expensive.  There are various companies, but they all use the same general data bases, so shop around for the best deal.   Checkmate is a good company that provides a lot of information in it’s search.  Go here to look at Checkmate.   When you do a search for “Joe Smith”, Checkmate will provide a long list of individuals with that name in you search area.   You then click on your match and go from there.  You learn about any past criminal history or arrests, as well as other general information.  Below is the criminal history page of a search I did on myself, and this is what a clean record looks like.

As you can see, there is a section where any legal problems will be listed.  This site costs more, but it is very detailed.

Whether it’s someone you’re trusting with your child, house sitting, a potential employee for your small business, or a date/new friendship…why not look into who they are and what their history is?  Again, most companies use some type of service, so I’m not suggesting that you do this for everyone who’s in contact with you or your child.  On the other hand, there are times when this type of information can prevent future problems.

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