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Thanksgiving week is upon us.   Please spend this time to think about the parts of life that you are grateful for!  And yes, work is one of them, even when it’s not going so well.

I’ve been writing about work stress and doing my best to help people get a different angle on it.  I wanted to write a brief post about some ways that we can avoid job-depression.

Be Positive! Don’t spend too much time at work venting your frustrations!  Focusing on problems at work not only gives you the wrong reputation, but it also feeds into negative thoughts about your job.  People are attracted to upbeat.

Don’t Isolate! Get out and about at work…meet co-workers for lunch and breaks, attend staff activities and office parties (no more than one drink please, ever-ever)…even if you have to make yourself.

Change Self-Talk! Keep an eye  on what you say to yourself in your workplace.  Turn negatives into positives, or at least laugh at the irony when possible (“yeah, this place sure values work-home balance…haha.  I need to work-out when I get off today).  Instead of obsessing about a work problem, make a plan to deal with it.  Don’t be a negative Nellie at work!  To read more about the effect of negative thinking, please go here:  Bill Strong Denver Therapist on Cognitive Therapy.

Don’t Push, Don’t Rush! Give yourself what I call “The Gift of Time”…knowing that when you get stressed out the first thing that goes out the window is creativity (think about why people get writers block).  When we are stressed we do not do our best work.  Allow increased time in the morning so your not rushing around starting the day stressed out.

Manage the Boss who “Hates” you! Work towards a more accepting stance re the fact that not everyone is going to like you.  It’s ok not to have a fantastic bond with your boss or a co-worker…focus on being professional.  Identify what your boss what’s and do it.

About the Workplace Bully! Work bullies, like all bullies are best to be ignored when possible.  A boss who bullies is best handled very strategically.  Regularly ask for clarification of expectations…saying that you want to make sure you’re on the same page as you boss.  Repeat back what you boss tells you, and create a written email record “to help clarify” what is being directed.  This creates documentation to be used as needed.  Also try and have others around when you two talk, if at all possible.

Decrease Layoff Anxiety! Do your best to prepare for possible downsizing by having your hear to the ground about any possible job opportunities.  Have your resume up to date and participate in educational, networking and volunteer opportunities.

Use Your Time Off to Decompress! Many of my work stressed clients struggle in identifying what activities help them Decompress.  I whitewater raft.  It’s not just the running rapids…but the floating along and even the planning of trips that helps me decompress. Play is HUGE in terms of having a high quality of life.  So…what do you do?

Life a Healthy Life! I want you to make sure you eat, sleep and treat yourself in a healthy and nurturing way.  Excessive alcohol use NEVER helps. Get enough sleep.  Do what I call “The Basics”…eat well, sleep well, relax and play!

I hope this helps!


William Strong, LCSW

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